Some things to keep in mind while making your decision on where to purchase your next vehicle.

  • Carvana leaves it up to seller to detail and clean vehicle, many delivered vehicles have stains, scratches and repairs not identified in description.
  • Dealership details vehicles and completes a full inspection of fluids and mechanics. You see the vehicle in person and can make an informed decision.
  • Carvana utilizes third party warranties
  • Dealerships offer certified warranty in house, no need to contact third party.
  • Carvana purchase prior to delivery - can return but is hassle
  • Dealerships allow you to test drive prior to purchase, see car in person to make judgement. Dealerships also offer a return policy.
  • Carvana third party warranty does not cover OEM parts, they ship third party parts for repair
  • Dealership warranty offers OEM parts, higher quality and built for specific make/model.
  • Carvana has no loyalty programs
  • Dealerships have loyalty programs
  • Carvana does not allow you to pay taxes and register, must complete outside of purchase. Many buyers have had to stop driving vehicle as registration was not received prior to temp tags expiring.
  • Dealerships allow you to pay taxes and registration at time of purchase, convenient.
  • Carvana can take up to three weeks or more for delivery of vehicle
  • Dealerships you can test drive, buy and drive away with vehicle on same day.
  • Carvana has set in stone processes and do not look at the individual issues which can come up during buying.
  • Dealerships have seasoned managers/GM's who have the ability to adjust/compensate for the varied issues which come up during the purchasing process.
  • Carvana is owned by Drivetime, a chain dealership which works with people with bad credit, inventory is mostly fleet and rental vehicles.
  • Dealerships have inspected and certified pre-owned vehicles you can test drive.
  • Carvana uses Bridgecrest, specializing in subprime loans.
  • Dealerships have Chrysler Capital, a respected and honest credit institution.

There are positives and negatives to all methods of purchasing a vehicle but dealerships offer a qualified team of salespeople, managers, technicians and finance experts under one roof. The days of sleazy car salespeople and rip off deals are gone, the consumer has the power to shop around and get the best deal for their needs, transparency has never been better and quality dealerships have adjusted to the new buying market. Many of the convenience factors these new businesses offer are available through your local dealership, just ask and Umansky will do everything they can to make your purchase a satisfying experience.


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