In today’s high-priced world, the last thing you need is having to spend a lot on your car, truck or SUV and then spend even more every time you fill up the tank. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop our pre-owned vehicles and check the mpg ratings for the many choices we offer that can give you 25 mpg or better. That way you can pay thousands less to acquire that vehicle and then let it save you in fuel costs with every mile you drive.

Look for a fuel-efficient Jeep model like the Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is Jeep’s best-selling model and it’s no wonder. The Grand Cherokee happens to be a very good-looking, family-sized SUV and it also happens to be more efficient than many of the gas-guzzling SUVs you see on the road. A 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example, would give you as much as 25 mpg on I-64 East, the highway you might travel from Waynesboro to reach Umansky Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Charlottesville, VA.

Look to us for a used Chrysler Pacifica minivan with 28 mpg

Minivans are suddenly a very popular item and can be hard to find. While our used inventory changes often, it’s not uncommon to drive in from Harrisonburg to our dealership and find a model like the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica minivan we offered not long ago that would give you up to an amazing 28 mpg on the highway. Note that this would mean you’d be saving on fuel with a big, spacious, family-sized minivan with Chrysler luxury and comfort.

A used Chrysler 300 sedan could give you comfort and 31 mpg

The Chrysler 300 sedan has the kind of four-door comfort and space people appreciate in a Chrysler sedan. Families can stretch out and get comfortable in a Chrysler 300 sedan, sitting in the luxury of leather upholstery like you’d have found in a pre-owned model we had on our lot. It had front dual-zone AC and heated front seats – amenities you’d expect in a luxury car. Yet this one would save you money with up to 31 mpg on local highways.

A used Dodge Durango SUV gives you more room and up to 25 mpg

Here’s another example of the kind of fuel-saving transportation we offer that would be worth the drive on US-29 South from Culpeper to our dealership in Charlottesville. We offered a three-year-old Dodge Durango SXT Plus SUV not long ago at a great price that would have given you excellent gas mileage of up to 25 mpg on local highways. It also came with bucket seats and three-rows of family-friendly seating.

Shop here for money-savers like a used Chevy Camaro with an unexpected 30 mpg

We typically have a great selection of pre-owned fuel-efficient money savers beyond our Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram models. For example, imagine finding a dynamic recent model Chevy Camaro that would give you a remarkable 30 mpg on the highway. It’s not the fuel-efficiency many people would expect in such a high-performance, eye-catching coupe. But that’s the kind of surprising economy we offer every day.

Get the quality you want and the fuel efficiency you need

Shop our used fuel-efficient models and see how much you can save. The specialists in our finance center can help finance the money-saver you want, and the experts in our service center can help keep it going for many miles to come. Discover the fuel-efficient value available every day at Umansky Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Charlottesville, VA.